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Bruce is the President and CEO of the Developers Alliance, the leading advocate for the global developer workforce and the companies that depend on them. Bruce is also the founder of the Loquitur Group, a DC consulting firm, and the former VP and head of the DC Policy office of Ericsson, a global information and communications technology company, focusing on IPR, privacy, IoT, spectrum, cybersecurity and the impact of technology and the digital economy. He has previously held senior leadership positions in marketing and communications at both Ericsson and Nortel, as well as senior roles in strategy and product management across wireless, optical and enterprise communication product portfolios.

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One of the perks of being the boss is that you can speak your mind. Or, “I never let a lack of information prevent me from having an opinion.”

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Europe’s Plan To Police Global AI

The EU feels they scored big with GDPR by being first to fill an international void in privacy regulation. New documents lay the groundwork for EU-style regulation of global AI next – can a repeat be in the works?

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Java And The Zombie Army

How long have you been writing code for Oracle? In the next few months, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether they own your soul.

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Future’s So Bright, Gotta’ Wear Welder’s Goggles

2020 will be very different in Brussels and DC. But whether it’s the US election or the first year of the new EU Government (Parliament Commission, President Of the Council, etc.), tech will be front and center in every major policy discussion.

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APIs And The Notorious RBG: November 2019 Update

The lawsuit between Google and Oracle is the gift that keeps giving. The two companies have been battling over the Java/Android APIs since 2012. We’ve now come to the point where the U.S. Supreme Court (aka SCOTUS) is the only place where things can be settled. November 2019 Update: The Supreme Court FINALLY Takes the Case!

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