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Our team of tech-obsessed policy experts, community builders and developers have decades of experience advocating and educating legislators on the topics that matter most to software companies and developers. From privacy regulation to new technology, we understand the details you care about.

Board of Directors

Jon Bradford

Co-founder, F6S 

Scott Burnell

Managing Partner, Ataraxis Solutions

Robi Ganguly

CEO/Co-founder, Apptentive

Bruce Gustafson

President/CEO, Developers Alliance

Josh Matthews

CEO/Co-founder, aPKUDO

Todd Moore

CEO/Co-founder, TMSoft

Michael Gilmore 

Executive VP, MEDL

Dave Swartz 

Board Member Emeritus, MEDL

Steven Phillips 

VP of Product Marketing, Contrast Security

Kareem Ghanem 

Director of Government Affairs & Public Policy, Google

Powering Progress for Developers Through Policy

Our Mission

Advocate on behalf of developers and the companies that depend on them, support the industry’s growth, and promote innovation.

Our Vision

We strive to ensure the ecosystem developers create in is one that rewards risk and innovation. The products and services developers create make our lives healthier, more convenient and more prosperous.


Policy that impacts developers evolves rapidly – sometimes on the hour. We work to keep you up to date, so you don’t have to dig through piles of news sites and headlines to see what could affect your profession or organization.

End of the Road

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Digital Markets Act: Unlocking the Potential of Interoperability for Developers and Consumers Recording

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Developers Alliance Joins Call for EU Policymakers to Swiftly Adopt the Extension of the Interim ePrivacy Derogation

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Developers Alliance’s Reaction to the Political Agreement on the New EU Law on Liability for Defective Products

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Developers Alliance files Amicus Brief to Argue that Algorithms are Protected by the First Amendment

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A Busy Regulatory End of the Year in Europe 

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With Holidays Approaching, Outlook for Dev Policies is Limited on Capitol Hill

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Alliance Files in the U.S. Supreme Court. Again.

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STEM Forward to the AI and Sustainability Age

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Open Source Liability is Coming

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Developers Alliance Joins Global Coalition Backing WTO’s E-commerce Initiative

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Developers Alliance Co-sign, Alongside Five Other Tech Industry Associations, a Joint Statement on the Latest Developments of the Negotiations on the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act)

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