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From Google to Meta, our members help shape and direct our advocacy efforts, ensuring we’re working in the best interest of developers and the companies that depend on them.

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The larger our community, the greater our impact. Representing more than 70,000 developers, we’re the world’s largest advocacy organization dedicated to the software workforce. As a member, you not only ensure your voice is heard, but you have the opportunity to influence our efforts, ensuring we’re always working in your best interests.

Whether it’s providing expert insights, sharing information through our online community, or meeting with lawmakers, when you’re part of the Alliance, you’re part of our effort to help those in charge create policy that benefits all developers.

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Our individual memberships are ideal for entrepreneurs, tech advocates and freelance developers who understand that policy impacts their future.

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As a corporate member, you help steer our priorities and ensure we advocate and direct policy in a way that’s beneficial to your organization and the developers you depend upon.

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With dozens of corporate members from around the world, we bring together some of the brightest minds in the software industry. An array of organizations help us create diverse, thoughtful public policy agendas that benefit not only our members but society as a whole.

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Along with our corporate members, numerous sponsors provide support, allowing us to host events for developers and legislators around the world. Their generosity provides us with the resources needed to advocate on behalf of all developers and the companies that employ them.

Meet our developer:
Austin Webster, Founder & CEO of Deepr

What’s wrong with the American Innovation & Choice Online Act? The bill makes it harder for developers to compete by dismantling the app ecosystem they rely on to run their business.


Policy that impacts developers evolves rapidly – sometimes on the hour. We work to keep you up to date, so you don’t have to dig through piles of news sites and headlines to see what could affect your profession or organization.

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