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Software developers and the companies that depend on them are at the heart of global progress, creating and advancing technologies that impact everything from healthcare to manufacturing to entertainment. Our job: Ensure lawmakers hear their voices and create meaningful policy that supports their work.

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Privacy issues. Antitrust policy. Data regulation. More regulation. And yes, more regulation. We prioritize policy that affects developers from Washington, D.C. to the European Union. We cut the clutter and advocate on what really matters to developers.

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Policy that impacts developers evolves rapidly – sometimes on the hour. We work to keep you up to date, so you don’t have to dig through piles of news sites and headlines to see what could affect your profession or organization. From expert points of view to quick-hit summaries, find relevant news, here, without the fluff.

Developers Alliance Joins Six Other High-Tech Organizations Calling on the White House to Defend American Workers from Harmful EU Protectionist Regulations

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Fall 2023: Regulating Tech

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Developers Alliance Submits Comments to the United States Federal Trade Commission on Facial Age Estimation Technology

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Developers Alliance Joins Industry Call on the CSA Regulation

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Developer’s Alliance Addresses Global Data Privacy and AI Regulation at Chennai (India) Conference

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Developers Alliance Adds Two New Board Members

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Lawmakers Jet Home for Summer Break, But Not Before They Chip Away at Privacy and AI

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The new Data Privacy Framework for transatlantic data flows is now available – a court challenge is pending 

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Developers Alliance Deeply Engaged with U.S. Policymakers and Agencies. Will They Listen?

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Security testing: Beware shifting left — shift smart instead!

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Joint Industry Recommendations for a Better Cyber Resilience Act

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Developers Alliance Submits Comments to U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy on Priorities for Artificial Intelligence

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From D.C. to Down Under, get the information that’s relevant to your global region.

As a developer, you’re part of a global workforce with varying interests and needs. Whether you need to keep informed on U.S. policy, the EU or elsewhere, we make it easy.

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Legislators need to understand developers. They need to hear the priorities and concerns of developers and businesses. On the flip side, developers must understand where legislators are coming from. We regularly host events around the world in an effort to forge those relationships and to protect developers’ interests.

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