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You’re skeptical. Well, so are we. That’s why we regularly conduct primary research to understand the market, emerging trends and developers’ concerns and needs. Whether it’s our annual developer survey or the economic impact of privacy regulation, you’ll find data-driven, objective research.

We don’t make decisions without good data.

All of our research follows strict guidelines to ensure its quality. While some research is funded through corporate partnerships, we aim to maintain objectivity and independence to produce meaningful reports that deliver useful insights and analysis.

We regularly conduct research to better inform our public policy agenda and to provide legislators with credible information they can use when making important decisions that impact the technology industry.

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Don’t worry, no – or at least very little – poking and prodding is required. Instead, sign up for our Developer Policy Network. Occasionally, we may ask you to take a survey regarding an array of topics, ranging from antitrust regulation to emerging tech.

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