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Membership Levels: Yes, we really have something for everyone.

Individual developer? Startup? Mid-size to large corporation? We’re here for ya. When you’re part of the Alliance you’re part of a community that’s stronger than a neighborhood’s homeowner association. You can sign up for free as an advocate or we also offer two membership levels, so you can get involved at a level that feels right. Join a great global community of developers and innovative companies.


We’re here for everyone, not just companies. If you’re a founder, developer, software pro or just love the software community (it’s cool, we do too), this is the choice for you.

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Member Benefits

  • Access regular developer workforce research and analysis.
  • Company listing in Member Directory.
  • Share, engage, and exchange insights with the Alliance membership.
  • Monthly Newsletter

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Individual Membership is for developers that understand the importance of educating policymakers, realize the effect public policy can have on their business, and are ready to advocate for themselves and the industry but are not able to invest the time and resources for a Business Membership.

Small Business / Startup Membership

When we say we’re a community of the world’s best developers, we mean it. And that means we want to make membership accessible for everyone. Qualified early stage companies get a free membership in exchange for participation in annual surveys that help us understand and better serve startups.

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Member Benefits

  • Access regularly published developer workforce research and in-depth analysis.
  • List your company in our Member Directory. This is great for hiring!
  • Join a global network of market leaders, top tech companies and like-minded startups.
  • Attend and participate in topical events and programs tailored to you.
  • Free 2-year term.

Are You Eligible?

To qualify, your company must:

  • Be in development of a tech product, service or app that has been introduced to the market within the last two years or will be within six months.
  • Have less than $1 million in funding or annual sales less than $500,000.
  • Have not been a Developers Alliance Full or Associate Member within the past two years.
  • Employ at minimum one full-time developer.

Corporate Membership

Lead and set the public policy agenda and priorities we advocate for.

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Your Benefits

  • Eligibility for appointment to our board of directors.
  • Help steer U.S. and European policy.
  • Shape and set our public policy agenda.
  • Access developer workforce research and in-depth analysis.
  • List your company in our Member Directory.
  • Share, engage and exchange insights with the Alliance membership community.

Join Us

If you’re interested in becoming a member, we’re sure you may have questions. Share some basic information with us and we’ll be in touch. We promise not to hit you with annoying spam email (we know you have those blocked).

Take action. Take control of your future.

Whether it’s connecting with your local legislator, advocating for policy that impacts you, or simply staying informed on real-time legislative issues that affect your company, we offer an array of ways to get involved. We know you’re busy, so we make it easy.

The Developer Policy Network: Take a stand with your peers.

When our numbers grow, so does our impact. Join the Developer Policy Network, and commit to spend some time getting to know us. After that, we may ask you to possibly sign onto a letter or speak with a policymaker in the future. Oh, we’ll also send you an occasional email asking for your support or expertise, but nothing spammy. It’s an easy way to drive big change.

Get to know what we’re all about.

At Developers Alliance, our members share a common goal: To advocate and drive progress for the tech economy and the developers who power it. We give companies and their developers – small and large – a voice, directing policy that supports interests they (read, you), care about. No fluff here, folks. Just action that impacts you.

Creating Cohesion Among Companies

A unified message is powerful. It leads to change, and we get that. That’s why the largest technology companies trust us to push forward policy that benefits their employees. From antitrust issues to privacy, our experts make sure you’re not only heard, but that you see the change that helps developers.

We Do It For Developers

For each developer who joins the Alliance, our advocacy efforts only become stronger. As the global advocate for developers, we have the ears of legislators around the world. And when you join, you assure you’re not only heard, but stay up to date on real-time issues that affect you, your livelihood and your business.

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

 What is the Developers Alliance?

Founded in 2012 and with over 70,000 developers as part of the Alliance, the Developers Alliance is the world’s leading advocacy group for software developers and the companies invested in their success.

What do you do?

We advocate on behalf of developers and the companies that depend on them, promote innovation and support the industry’s continued growth. We educate policymakers on the priorities of the developer community.

What kind of advocacy?

The widening gap between policymakers and the innovators creating next generation technology is a threat to companies of all sizes working in every vertical. The Alliance works on behalf of our member companies to engage and educate policymakers at all levels of government as an advocate for developers and innovation.

Is this about politics and political candidates?

No. This is about policies drawn up by policymakers with impact on the developer ecosystems. We do not support politicians or political campaigns.

How do you know what developers want?

The developer community continually shares their ideas and thoughts through conversations, surveys, and research. We are experts with long backgrounds in tech policy, tech strategy and political process with insights into both sides of the world – policy and technology. We represent the interests of developers across the globe. We have a board of founders and entrepreneurs that help set our priorities.

Who funds you?

Developers Alliance is largely funded by the corporate members who have a vested interest in the success of their developer communities. We are independent and objective and carry a neutral perspective as we assess the overall market conditions and the industry factors about advocacy and policy matters with no influence from external entities.

Why should I join and what is the cost?

Developers Alliance offers FREE membership for independent developers and start-ups. Developers Alliance would be your platform to voice your work and perspective on leading policies that impact you and your business. Please contact for corporate memberships.

We are experts in making the system work for us – what makes you think we need/want help?

There are factors that may inhibit your ability to innovate and grow, and as a developer you might be completely unaware of what surrounds you. Knowledge is power and lack of knowledge is powerless. You are experts in what you do, and we have experience and expertise in what we do. Our work is to expose you to proposals that blindside you. We recognize the complexities of the global marketplace and its impact on developers internationally.

I am a tech person – this stuff does not impact me.

Even a small change in policy can eliminate your market, make your product illegal to sell or export, add reporting and filing obligations, or simply erase your business model without warning or consultation. Policy makers are influenced in many ways, and there are several forces working to steer them – most of which have no interest in your well-being.

What do I need to do (as a member – what is the commitment)? 

We need to hear your opinions and occasionally would like you to fill out a survey. Sometimes, direct intervention as small businesses, entrepreneurs and job creators goes a long way in expressing your voice through your product stories. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed about policy updates and issues.

Are you only active in the US?

Our advocacy efforts are more pronounced in DC, in Brussels and the UK. We have been active in Australia, Japan, and Korea. The Internet is global and we advocate for harmonized rules around the world.

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