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Your expertise and credibility is what gives us the ability to advocate effectively for policy that benefits you. When you become an advocate you’re taking a simple step that elevates your involvement in our advocacy efforts.

Getting involved is easy. The impact is significant.

When you become an advocate, you may be asked occasionally to consider signing onto a letter we’ll send to lawmakers or to speak directly with a legislator. The reason: Your expertise is powerful and can help us effectively shape policy. To kick things off, all we ask for is a 30-minute chat, so you can get to know us better and understand our current efforts. This is an opt-in network and different from our newsletter.

Add Your Voice

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“My time at DA has been great. The work we’re engaged in is helping devs of all stripes usher in the next wave of innovation. We’re at the tip of the spear. I couldn’t be more proud of the smart, dynamic team I’m working with.”

Geoff Lane – US Policy Head

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