Our Advocacy Efforts: Protecting Innovation & Developers

Why We Do What We Do

At a time when innovation is accelerating and government is slowing down, the decisions made, laws written and regulations put in place today will profoundly affect the next generation of tech development.

For that reason, we encourage policies that lead to a greater number of well-trained developers needed to create robust, secure products that benefit consumers. Working to reduce barriers to innovation, we advocate on behalf of developers worldwide, focusing on three key areas.

Digital Markets, Competition & Antitrust Issues

With innovation occurring at such a rapid rate, competition is fierce in our complex global software market. We work to educate policymakers, so they write, support and implement thoughtful regulations that protect your intellectual property and maintain a fair, competitive market that promotes technological progress and innovation.

Content, Privacy & Data Regulation

If privacy isn’t on your mind are you really a developer? From the EU to the U.S., privacy and data protection continue to take top billing. Our goal is to find a common ground that doesn’t inhibit innovation but protects consumers’ digital privacy and data.

New Technology & Software Regulation

The ethics of AI. Facial recognition. So much technology offers value to society but simultaneously must respect consumer trust and lead to societal progress. Our experts keep policymakers informed and educated, so they make fair, common-sense decisions that won’t inhibit developers’ abilities to innovate and create new products and services.

Join the Alliance. Protect your interests.

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