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Tech companies carry significant responsibility to build reliable products, scale business, stay a step ahead of competition, and reach and retain customers – all in a day’s work. It’s understandable that the regulations and policies governing the way your company does business aren’t necessarily front of mind. Yet the implications of a change in the rules or changes that drive red tape and legal bills directly influence day-to-day operations for tech companies of all sizes. For small operations and startups, they could cost a company everything.

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What Is The Innovators Policy Council?

The Developers Alliance Innovators Policy Council (IPC) provides companies with a voice in policy discussions and access to policymakers at every level of government. This global network consists of companies, startups, and innovators of every size, interest, and industry. IPC member companies have the benefit of advocacy without the burden of valuable time or resources. This is where the Developers Alliance comes in. Our goal is to provide startups and small to mid-size tech companies with education, resources, and influence over policies and regulations that impact the way you do business. Enter the Innovators Policy Council (IPC), exclusive for Alliance members. The IPC provides a platform to stay informed, share experiences, and participate in thoughtful conversations about public policy with fellow members and Alliance staff. It’s the Alliance’s responsibility to monitor and raise awareness about threatening, or helpful, policies and equip members with tools to engage.

How Does It Work?

Innovators Policy Council participants opt-in to the network, share some information about their businesses and their policy interests (i.e. data, privacy, competition, etc.), and are updated with policy and regulatory issues, as well as ways to engage those issues. All Developers Alliance members are eligible to participate in the IPC. Each IPC company is invited to follow along and contribute to issue discussions between fellow member companies and Alliance staff through the IPC LinkedIn group. These discussions aren’t moderated or censored, but Developers Alliance staff will help prioritize issues and organize engagement.

When an issue requires the attention of the Alliance, IPC participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences in a number of ways, including media engagement, events, and meetings with policymakers – supported by Alliance staff and tools. Our goal is to give all, but especially small-to-medium businesses, the benefit of advocacy without the burden of valuable time and resources.

A Chair and Vice Chair are appointed from Alliance membership. The U.S. and European IPC leadership and a startup member from each region also serve on their respective Policy Steering Committees to ensure our policy agenda and objectives serve the best interests of smaller companies and our members.

Examples of member activities include speaking on panels or joining roundtables, signing letters to lawmakers, meeting with policymakers in Washington, DC and Brussels, and signing online petitions or guest blogging, among others.

How To Join?

  1. Become a member of the Alliance via our website – Startup membership is free. Already a member? Contact us using the form below.

  2. Partake in three to four short surveys each year to maintain membership.

  3. Join the IPC LinkedIn group for real-time policy updates and conversations with fellow members.

  4. Stay tuned for periodic email communications that alert you of opportunities to take action on pressing issues.

  5. Read the monthly newsletter that recaps the Alliance’s activities, events, and policy analysis from the past month.

  6. Be involved; ask questions and participate in issue areas that matter to you.

  7. It’s that simple! The Alliance does the legwork so our members can stay informed and engage without allocating significant time and resources on their part.

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