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Guest Post: The GDPR deadline is coming fast! Is your back end ready?

For now, count yourself fortunate. The rules are limited to companies who have personal data of people from or in Europe. But don’t get complacent. With the recent news surrounding data security and privacy, the US may not be far behind in enacting data privacy laws of our own. But that’s a subject for another blog post, hopefully a little further down the road.

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Member Perspective: H1B Employees Help Shape Startup’s Success

I believe that America’s technological dominance is threatened by policy that limits our access to the best talent from around the globe. Even more so given the fact that we now face a shortage of top tier engineering and software development talent.

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5 Reasons Why Rewarding Ads Outperform Traditional In-App Ads

Recent studies reveal that users aren’t “feeling the love” for traditional in-app ads anymore. Brush back against traditional in-app ads has lead savvy developers to an emerging form of in-app advertising known as rewarding ads. In this article, Adscend Media explores 5 Reasons Why Rewarding Ads Outperform Traditional In-App Ads.

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Infographic: Mobile App Engagement: 2016 Vertical Benchmarks

This post comes to the App Developers Alliance community from Robi Ganguly, CEO of Apptentive, and one of ADA’s board members. In this post, Robi shares several metrics that contribute to mobile customer engagement, including an infographic that details benchmark metrics for specific app verticals from both Android and iOS apps, including Productivity, Food & Drink, Shopping, Entertainment, and Lifestyle categories.


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Guest Blog Post: What Makes a Better Mobile Ad Experience?

You’ve heard about “better” in-app advertising experiences. Ah, the sweet, sweet ambiguity. It reminds me of this scene from the movie Elf, where Will Ferrell’s naïve character actually believes that a grimy New York cafe makes the world’s best coffee based on their window neon. (It’s not too early for Elf references, right?)

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