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Fall 2023: Regulating Tech

Developer issues are going to be widely debated behind the scenes even as politics takes center stage If you live inside the Brussels or DC bubble, you already know that…

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While The U.S. Is Closed, The EU Is Back To Business

With upcoming regulation, tightly controlled anti-COVID-19 technologies, antitrust investigations, and national Supreme Courts weighing in, technology businesses in Europe are facing more scrutiny than ever before.

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Bae Goals: A Dating App For Engineering Strong Black Communities Through Quality Relationships

In a post-Tinder world, most of us don’t deeply contemplate the broader social significance of two people on a first date. But that’s exactly what Brian Gerrard has been doing, and he subsequently launched a startup to answer a sociology question that had been nagging him. As the Co-founder and CEO of Bae, a dating app for Black singles, Gerrard wants to strengthen communities through quality relationships. Bae isn’t just another dating app startup — it’s a product developed for an underserved market, a community-builder for those left behind, and a thought leader on sometimes-thorny societal issues. 

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