The Developers Alliance Stands With Ukraine

Ukraine is a valued scientific and technological global partner whose sovereign rights should be respected.

We at the Developers Alliance stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. 

Ukraine is a vibrant nation of dedicated innovators, startups, and home to a thriving developer community. Its entrepreneurs, researchers, and organizers are critical contributors to the global tech ecosystem. In recent years the country has become a hub for providing technology resources to companies and countries across the globe. The global economy has relied on Ukraine’s booming IT and software development industry. In addition to the untenable loss of life, the loss of personal freedoms, and the rejection of international law intended to provide safety and prosperity, the Russian attack has deprived those in and out of Ukraine of the country’s continued insights and ideas. 

We will continue to monitor this terrible situation and will assist in any way possible. We hope that a peaceful resolution will be found. We look forward to Ukraine’s rebuilding and recovery from this week’s chaos and acts of tyranny.


Bruce Gustafson

President & CEO
Developers Alliance

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By Bruce Gustafson

Bruce is the President and CEO of the Developers Alliance, the leading advocate for the global developer workforce and the companies that depend on them. Bruce is also the founder of the Loquitur Group, a DC consulting firm, and the former VP and head of the DC Policy office of Ericsson, a global information and communications technology company, focusing on IPR, privacy, IoT, spectrum, cybersecurity and the impact of technology and the digital economy. He has previously held senior leadership positions in marketing and communications at both Ericsson and Nortel, as well as senior roles in strategy and product management across wireless, optical and enterprise communication product portfolios.

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