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Hippo-Birdie-Two-Ewes, GDPR!

It’s been a year since the landmark EU data protection rules went live. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. It’s become a part of us.

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50,000 Privacy Wonks (and Margaret Atwood)

The Alliance attended the 2019 International Association of Privacy Professionals Summit in DC. The verdict? Privacy is now part of the business mainstream and change is coming to your business.

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Announcing the Developers Trust Alliance

The world of data is evolving; from how it’s collected, used, managed, and stored to the user-developer relationship. There’s a gap between what consumers think is happening with their data, or what they read in the news when there’s a breach or hack, and what measures developers are actually taking to ensure security, transparency, and the responsible use of data.

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Consumers Download Apps They Can Trust

We’ve all heard of the Good Housekeeping seal. What if there was a seal for trusted developers; a mark to help consumers spot those apps and websites that follow sound data management and privacy practices? That’s the thinking behind a new project from the Developers Alliance.

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Developers: Five steps you can take NOW to prepare for the looming data privacy reboot

What follows is an introduction to the data and trust project that the Developers Alliance began in late 2017. Throughout 2018 the project will deliver developer insights, best practices with data, educational material to demystify data for users and policy makers, and a dialogue series to bring in experts and outside voices on the topic of data and privacy.

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What can developers learn from the Cambridge Analytica cluster?

It seems that every other week a story emerges alleging that someone, somewhere, misused or mishandled someone’s data. And whether the real problem is a hacker, a rogue developer, or a sloppy business partner, the casualty is user trust, and the whole digital ecosystem suffers. We suffer. You suffer. Our industry suffers.

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