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STEM Forward to the AI and Sustainability Age

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) has become the cornerstone of innovation in a world that is changing quickly due to technological breakthroughs. It influences how we work, live, and…

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As court hears appeal in Oracle v Google, new Alliance report shows $77B at stake

Today the Developers Alliance and NDP Analytics released a new report, “Quantifying Risks to Interoperability in the Software Industry,” that found the negative economic impact of threats to interoperability in the home and auto IoT space alone could exceed $77 billion in economic productivity over the next eight years. Building barriers and allowing companies to license and restrict access to programming languages will fracture the market, increase security risks, harm developers, and jeopardize those economic gains.

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SMEs and Indie Developers Want Predictability, Not Favors

Near the end of the survey, we asked developer and publishers for advice they would want to pass to the platforms they work with. What was instructive in their comments was that no one said they wanted a handout. There weren’t complaints about bigger businesses, or the competition for time and resources where they are frequently deprioritized. There weren’t requests for special favors or “fairer” treatment. They believe the system in which they operate is working, not in need of overhaul.

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Mobile Developers & Publishers Have Overwhelmingly Positive View of Platforms

In response to the European Commission’s announcement of the intention to introduce new legislation to govern the relationship between platforms and businesses, the Developers Alliance conducted a survey of European-based developers and publishers to examine the need for such intervention. Over the course of several weeks in October 2017, we surveyed over 110 European-based developers and publishers on their experiences.

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