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Tax Reform Provision Is Concerning for Startups

Tax reform is finally here. While the House and Senate undergo amendments, markups, and debate, the tech community is engaging to stop a provision that changes the way stock options are taxed. Those who should be most concerned? Startups. 

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Latest Immigration Proposal Won’t Fix Tech Jobs Demand

The tech industry has long supported policies that encourage high-skilled workers to come to the U.S. The Alliance and our members have written about the impact of H1B visas and the benefits of high-skilled foreign employees who contribute their talents to U.S. companies. But the RAISE Act falls short of addressing the tech industry’s increasing need for retaining highly-skilled, often specialized workers.

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Hold on to your APIs

It started in the summer of 2012. At the time, Oracle was claiming it held a copyright on JAVA, including the APIs (application programming interfaces) that Google had kept as part of the implementation of Android. Never mind that the code behind the Android APIs was completely rewritten. Oracle wanted protection for the APIs themselves.

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Member Perspective: H1B Employees Help Shape Startup’s Success

I believe that America’s technological dominance is threatened by policy that limits our access to the best talent from around the globe. Even more so given the fact that we now face a shortage of top tier engineering and software development talent.

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