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EU Copyright Directive Could Have Same Global Impact as GDPR

Imagine if Github, a web-based platform that allows users to upload and share code, had to filter through each content upload before it was posted to ensure some part of it wasn’t already claimed by copyright holders. Imagine having to do that on your platform for each piece of public user uploaded content. That future is not far off if the European Parliament passes a copyright Directive set for a vote in mid-late June.

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Proposed ePrivacy Regulation to affect all European industries and cost more than €500 billion in reduced annual turnover

A report commissioned by the Developers Alliance and produced by London Economics shows that the proposed ePrivacy Regulation being discussed in Brussels is potentially costly, definitely confusing, and likely to reduce innovation and investment across the EU. The total costs could soar as high as €551.9 billion annually in reduced turnover, with an impact far beyond the technology sector. 

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There Is No Privacy without Encryption, Say EU Data Protection Authorities

Interesting news out of Europe, as the EU’s data protection authorities (Working Party 29) resoundingly endorsed end-to-end encryption as a “necessity” to protect personal privacy, and specifically rejected backdoors and key escrow by authorities. Score one for the people.Developers know that user trust relies on principles of Transparency, Security and Stewardship, and that there is no security without strong encryption.

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Guest Post: The GDPR deadline is coming fast! Is your back end ready?

For now, count yourself fortunate. The rules are limited to companies who have personal data of people from or in Europe. But don’t get complacent. With the recent news surrounding data security and privacy, the US may not be far behind in enacting data privacy laws of our own. But that’s a subject for another blog post, hopefully a little further down the road.

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Again, Legislation from Congress on H-1B Reform Fails

This week Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Chairman of the Senate Republican High-Tech Task Force, introduced amendments to the Senate’s immigration legislation that target high-skilled workers. The amendments are part of a broader immigration reform package that’s pending in Congress and we’re glad high-skilled workers aren’t being overlooked in the process.

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