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The Specter of Fragmentation is Back

Google’s compliance with the European Commission’s decision on the Android antitrust case risks increasing market fragmentation and costs for developers and consumers.

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The End of the App Economy Golden Age

The Developers Alliance is disappointed at the European Commission’s decision in its Android investigation. Today’s decision will inevitably lead to changes to Android’s free, open source model which, in time, will harm the Android ecosystem, rather than help it grow.

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Proposed ePrivacy Regulation to affect all European industries and cost more than €500 billion in reduced annual turnover

A report commissioned by the Developers Alliance and produced by London Economics shows that the proposed ePrivacy Regulation being discussed in Brussels is potentially costly, definitely confusing, and likely to reduce innovation and investment across the EU. The total costs could soar as high as €551.9 billion annually in reduced turnover, with an impact far beyond the technology sector. 

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