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Concerns regarding DSA

Developers Alliance has joined other associations in Brussels representing a wide range of sectors impacted by the Digital Services Act (DSA) in expressing concerns about the reappearance of a ‘stay-down’ provision in the latest compromise text.

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AI impact on product safety

The UK Office for Product and Standards has published a study on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on product safety.

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Coming to Texas & EU: Anarchy vs. 1984

Texas hopes to kill censorship on social media by making moderation illegal. The EU plans to hunt pedophiles by forcing devs to monitor their user’s traffic. So many wrongs. So, so many wrongs.

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The EU Lawmakers’ Choice Over Choice Screens

The DMA is a complex and experimental regulation. Its enforcement will be extremely complicated and it’s up to the EU lawmakers to make the right choices and avoid unintended consequences.

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