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July & August (In Review) 2019 EU Policy Update

Welcome to our first EU Policy Update! Bureaucrats and politicians have as much power over your business as you do. We’ve distilled everything you need to know about what they’re up to in the text below – worth a few minutes to avoid getting sideswiped!

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Fill the Gap: Gender Imbalance in the Tech Sector

Gender inequality is a very big problem worldwide. This is especially true in technology, where women are under-represented at all professional levels and there are not enough initiatives towards creating inclusive policies and welcoming diverse talent.

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SMEs and Indie Developers Want Predictability, Not Favors

Near the end of the survey, we asked developer and publishers for advice they would want to pass to the platforms they work with. What was instructive in their comments was that no one said they wanted a handout. There weren’t complaints about bigger businesses, or the competition for time and resources where they are frequently deprioritized. There weren’t requests for special favors or “fairer” treatment. They believe the system in which they operate is working, not in need of overhaul.

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Brookings Study: Digitalization’s Impact on U.S. Workforce

Yesterday we wrote about digitalization influencing future jobs, but even the current state of the digital workforce is a significant change from 10, 15, 20 years ago. A recent report, “Digitalization and the American workforce,” by Brookings Institute explores how digitalization has influenced nearly every industry and workforce in the past decade, not just startups and software-focused jobs.

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The Jobs of the Future Are in the Hands of Developers

There are many common threads in each of the job descriptions – for instance, the free flow of data is basically assumed, and many of these jobs may face unforeseen and ill-advised regulatory hurdles. But the common thread that stuck out to me was that all of these jobs will be dependent on coding, or at least familiarity with coding. 

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