Report on Android Device Customization and Consumers’ Choices

European Consumer Study of 4000 Android Users Based in France, Germany, Italy and Spain

Android users are able to choose from over 2.2 million apps in the Google Play store1. There are countless ways that users can customize their phones and use the apps they want. Mobile apps are created by developers to serve the needs of consumers; like any other product, they identify a problem and come up with a solution, then compete with other solutions on the market by trying to create their own unique brand or niche. Also like any other product, there are category leaders that are widely, but not exclusively, used.  
In order to more closely investigate app usage and the degrees of customization, the Application Developers Alliance surveyed 4,000 Android users in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Respondents were asked which apps they use to meet certain needs, how they organize their apps on their phone, and their thoughts on apps that come pre-loaded on the device.  
We found that apps, even category leaders, tend not to be exclusively used; that almost all Android users customize their phone and their home screen in some way; and that most Android users prefer their device come “ready-to-go” with some apps preloaded. As a result, there is a significant amount of competition in the mobile app industry: for downloads, for users, and for placement on their home screen, regardless of the presence of pre-loaded apps. ?


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