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Data in the Fragmented Global Marketplace

Tech knows the future of business is digital, and that digital means global. Entrepreneurs and developers make concepts a reality, refine software, and launch new products all within the digital space. But what about when your customer base expands beyond your home country’s market, or your data enters the cloud? ill you even notice? How does your existing and new consumer data cross borders, and what regulations guide this expansion? What happens if you just do nothing? (For more on this, see our news item on the EU GDPR from a US perspective)

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As court hears appeal in Oracle v Google, new Alliance report shows $77B at stake

Today the Developers Alliance and NDP Analytics released a new report, “Quantifying Risks to Interoperability in the Software Industry,” that found the negative economic impact of threats to interoperability in the home and auto IoT space alone could exceed $77 billion in economic productivity over the next eight years. Building barriers and allowing companies to license and restrict access to programming languages will fracture the market, increase security risks, harm developers, and jeopardize those economic gains.

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Developer Read: A Developer’s Perspective on GDPR

We encourage our developer audience to read a recent post on Hackernoon from developer Bryan Soltis on the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. GDPR is something all our members should know about as it will impact their business and the software they create. 

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An App’s Role in Natural Disasters

Natural disasters seem to be occurring at an increased rate. This year alone we’ve seen earthquakes rattle Iran-Iraq and Mexico, wildfires torch parts of California, monsoons consume Bangladesh, and the list goes on. The widespread damage impacts infrastructure, electrical grids, and access to clean water and food in many cases. Yet the power of these natural disasters is no match for the help apps provide in times of crisis. 

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Brookings Study: Digitalization’s Impact on U.S. Workforce

Yesterday we wrote about digitalization influencing future jobs, but even the current state of the digital workforce is a significant change from 10, 15, 20 years ago. A recent report, “Digitalization and the American workforce,” by Brookings Institute explores how digitalization has influenced nearly every industry and workforce in the past decade, not just startups and software-focused jobs.

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Don’t read this: just Trust me

Your data is everywhere. This isn’t anything new – your data has been widely available in the offline world for decades. What’s changed is that data has moved online. What’s new is our ability to USE that data to solve complicated problems by identifying patterns and trends in rapidly changing or highly complex systems. What’s also new is the heightened insecurity that comes from not knowing what data is out there and how it’s being used. Trust is in short supply.

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The Jobs of the Future Are in the Hands of Developers

There are many common threads in each of the job descriptions – for instance, the free flow of data is basically assumed, and many of these jobs may face unforeseen and ill-advised regulatory hurdles. But the common thread that stuck out to me was that all of these jobs will be dependent on coding, or at least familiarity with coding. 

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Hold on to your APIs

It started in the summer of 2012. At the time, Oracle was claiming it held a copyright on JAVA, including the APIs (application programming interfaces) that Google had kept as part of the implementation of Android. Never mind that the code behind the Android APIs was completely rewritten. Oracle wanted protection for the APIs themselves.

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Software is eating the world – again.

News from this year’s annual developer conferences, highlighted by Google I/O and Facebook’s F8, have created even more buzz than usual. These events are regularly replete with awe inspiring new products, killer apps, and innovative approaches, but this year feels different. It’s not just the conferences or the companies. It’s the scope and the scale of software powered products. Software appears to be eating the world…again.

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5 Reasons Why Rewarding Ads Outperform Traditional In-App Ads

Recent studies reveal that users aren’t “feeling the love” for traditional in-app ads anymore. Brush back against traditional in-app ads has lead savvy developers to an emerging form of in-app advertising known as rewarding ads. In this article, Adscend Media explores 5 Reasons Why Rewarding Ads Outperform Traditional In-App Ads.

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5 Tips to Improve App Store Ranking

The holiday season is traditionally the busiest time of year for new mobile device activations and app downloads – so now is the perfect time to make sure you’re optimising your app store presence to maximise downloads during peak season.

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